Sympathy for the Rebel

I have a love hate relationship with second hand shops. I always see friends wearing amazing pre-loved items from thrift stores. And yet every time I go to one, I get lost amongst the racks of clothing, never finding that piece that embodies that vintage charm with that unique edge. Ryan Kennedy, owner of Sympathy for the Rebel, has solved this problem. I swear, everywhere I looked in his shop, I saw something that I would gladly include into my closet.


The exposed brick walls and the wooden crates and shelves gives the shop a rawness that I completely love. And then add in eclectic and edgy decor to really give the place a rock and roll, mod, and just downright edgy atmosphere.

Don’t even get me started on their incredible shoe selection. Cow boy boots and for $20-30 a pair!

I’m always a little conflicted when it comes to fur but I’ve decided that wearing second hand is ok. This incredible fur shawl was only 60 dollars.

Ngoc Nguyen at Sympathy for the rebel in Peterborough Ontario

I picked up an adorable red hand bag for $6, a pair of vintage ski gloves for $12 and a pair of boots for $18.

If you’re a fan of pre-loved items, and you happen to be taking a stroll down town Peterborough, than a stop into this store is a must!

Sympathy for the Rebel

387 Water St.
Peterborough, ON