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Naked Chocolate

Is there really anything better than chocolate? My co-worker and I were on the hunt for items to include in our gift basket for my supervisor when she suggested we fill up the mug with some chocolates from Naked Chocolate on George st in Peterborough. I’ve heard mumblings of this magical place but haven’t had a chance to visit until today. As you enter the shop, you are literally engulfed in chocolate aroma. As I looked around, all I could think about was how my chocolate loving friend Sam would have a field day in here. Even Willy Wonka himself would have been impressed.

assorted truffle chocolates from Naked Chocolate

Chocolatier Warren Eley beautiful hand-crafts all the artisan chocolates and fine confections. You can see the artistry that goes into all of the beautiful sweets in the shop. I kid you not, the truffles were actually glistening and some even sparkled!


Although we had planned to just buy a few items to fill up the mug, we couldn’t resist buying box full of truffles and some butter crunch toffee. 

Butternut crunch at Naked Chocolate
box of Naked Chocolate Truffles
They have pre-packaged boxes but it was surprisingly fun to pick out each individual piece. They have everything from the traditional milk chocolates, to more exotic and unique flavours that incorporate balsamic, chilis, and curries.

Sadly, I didn’t buy any chocolate for myself so I can’t comment on how delicious everything is but I can say that I’ve heard nothing but good reviews. I’ll definitely be stopping by in the new year for one of these chocolate covered strawberries and a box of macarons.

chocolate covered strawberries from Naked Chocolate
French macarons from Naked Chocolate

Naked Chocolate

300 George St. N


3 comments for “Naked Chocolate

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  2. Sam Robertson
    20/12/2012 at 10:55 pm

    Hey there Ngoc!! I’m disappointed that you didn’t get any chocolate for yourself!! And it is macarons not macaroons – two different but understandably mixed up treats!!

    • 21/12/2012 at 5:45 am

      omgosh…. this explains why no one knew what I was talking about when I kept asking for ‘macaroons’ in Paris. URG! Thanks for pointing it out!! Fixed the spelling error.

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