life knocks

Let's make today worth talking about


Ngoc Nguyen. <- Sounds Like Knock!

Growing up, I was a shy and quiet girl who kept a journal and a shoe box full of photos. I still prefer pen and paper and hard copies of photos but I wanted to share my life and my experiences with more friends and family. 
I found myself too often thinking that I was bored, or that there wasn’t anything fun to do close by. I knew I was just making excuses for my own laziness so 
I started this blog as a way to push myself to get out more, be a tourist in my own city, try new crafts I see on Pinterest, and take more photos of simple every day things.

Ngoc Nguyen wearing a signed Blue Rodeo Shirt

Let me know if there is an exciting event, a share-worthy restaurant or business, a great start up, or anything else that might be worth checking out.

Hope you guys enjoy my musings